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Future Directions

YouthVisions has been a remarkable work-in-progress for eleven years. The visual arts initiative has undergone numerous changes in scope and caliber. That growth has not reached a plateau; rather, Marc Pelech foresees exciting new directions for the future.

In the past, Pelech and Surrey Crime Prevention have played a forefront role in selecting, negotiating and planning art-related projects. Their collaboration on Spirit of Youth Mural projects and public safety initiatives will continue into the foreseeable future. However, both parties are committed to encouraging more student participation in decision-making and project management duties.

YouthVisions has recognized the emerging importance of technology in today's art and business fields. To this end, Pelech initiated a partnership with TechBC (now SFU) in 2002 to create the prototype website, http://www.youthvisions.ca/. During the next three years (2002-2005), the website's design and content were further upgraded to position the website as Canada's best online youth art gallery. The Province of B.C. (Youth Options program) and the Federal Government of Canada (HRDC) provided funding for this multi-year initiative.

The YouthVisions journey reflects a commitment to continued growth, locally and provincially - with an eye to national expansion.

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