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Meet the Youth Visions' IT Team: Thomas Nelles

Aug 16, 2011

Thomas Nelles is a grade 12 student enrolled at Sullivan Heights Secondary School in Surrey. Thomas' aptitude and interest in the visual arts stemmed from his childhood where he started his exploration of a variety of media, spending up to several hours at a time. His creations at the young age consisted mostly of content he'd previously viewed on television and across a wide exposure. Inspired by and enjoying the challenge of creating visual works, Thomas tackled increasingly larger projects as he grew older; he was reliable in the classroom to be the peer who assisted everyone else with their own work. After many years of demonstrating exceptional skill, his grade six teacher asked him to teach personal lessons: this pivotal year significantly further developed his art background. In his secondary school years, Thomas was delighted to discover an aptitude in photography and activities shoots for his personal portfolio, for individual acting portfolios and also for events held by the City of Surrey. Continuing to refine traditional art skills, Thomas is a prospective student of the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design for fall 2012.

The appreciation for fine arts extends into literary appreciation specifically for Canadian novelist and poet, Margaret Atwood and the Bohemian-Austrian poet, Rainer Maria Rilke. Artistic visionaries such as photographer, David LaChapelle, magazine editor Isabella Blow, surrealist Salvador Dali, and art-deco painter Tamara de Lempicka greatly inspire him; he aspires to one day create his own collections of art that encourage and enthuse his audiences as much as his predecessors have done for him.

Outside of the fine arts realm, Thomas is an active young man maintaining his physical health and well-being. Particularly, he can be found improving his driving skills in golf and avidly walking.

Thomas' skills consist of experience in sketching, painting, sculpting, and photography. In recent years he has advanced in the medium of digital art with a focus on digital sketches, graphic design, and photomanipulation. Some of his accomplishments include: City of Surrey's Street Beautification initiative award; Four documentary photography awards for documentation of The 2010 Olympic Celebration Site; Surrey's Fusion Festival 2010 & 2011; and Surrey's Canada Celebration 2010; Top Media Arts student grade levels 8, 9, 10, 11; Award of Excellence for creating permanent Installation pieces for the Newton Cultural Centre 2010; Special Recognition for contributing art to City of Surrey Facilities 2011; and 1st place in The 2011 Provincial Student Earth Day Art Show and Competition.

As a member of the Canada Youth Visions technical team, Thomas documents art work, edits files to their fullest potential, and helps with the organization and creative approach to the website.

Written by Flory Huang

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