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Meet the Youth Visions' IT Team: Kyla del Rosario

Aug 16, 2011

A talented illustrator, Kyla del Rosario first emigrated from the Philippines three years ago. Living in a foreign country continues to be a driving force for her to succeed in all that she pursues in order to make her family proud and to make the best of her privileges in Canada. Though competitive by nature, Kyla is adept in handling situations with good humour and endless enthusiasm. These traits are commonplace in her country wherein laughter is an essential part of earning a living in order to maintain a productive amicable work environment and have thus transferred into her academic and professional realms.

Kyla has been drawing since the young age of five and has always wanted to contribute to the fine arts, if not as an artist, as a curator. Similarities between the Aboriginal art style and her country's own native works are noted.

While growing up, dry media such as graphite, ink pens and markers were tools of choice; at SIAT, she is able to develop digital arts skills, building upon her hobby of traditional rapid visualizations and conceptual art.

Another interest she possesses is found in the explorative relationships between literature / narrative and modern visual art. A single image - whether created digitally or traditionally - is a snapshot or excerpt of a moment in a story. The key is how the excerpt is framed. Though an illustrator for a novel would usually select the most iconic events to present, Kyla enjoys drawing small tense or serene moments leading up to them. She likes to refer to these moments as the "in-betweens" of stories - the nooks and crannies that viewers hardly notice, but are still important in making up the whole. Translating into her academic and professional work, Kyla is an individual aware and co-designing with the attention to detail and management of parts.

In secondary school, Kyla was recognized as valedictorian and after a year of general studies at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, she was placed on the Dean's list for her excellent academic performances. Upon entry into SFU, she was presented with the Ken Caple Entrance Scholarship award for first years with high academic standing. In 2010, she was accepted into the Golden Key International Honour Society as an active member. The past two years have awarded her consistently with the Open Undergraduate Scholarship.

Prior to Canada Youth Visions, she served as a promotions coordinator for the Faculty of Communication, Arts and Technology (FCAT) Formal, and a graphic designer for the CJSF 90.1 FM radio station and the Interactive Arts and Technology student union.

Kyla discovered graphic design when she became an assistant graphic designer for SFU's annual FroshOne event for first year students. A 2nd year student at that time, she was appointed as a graphic designer for IATSU's promotional T-shirts. Her work was worn and displayed throughout campus, along with her subsequent designs for posters and banners.

Besides graphic design, she is notably interested in studying 3D animation and enhancing her programming skills. She considers Canada Youth Visions a good stepping-stone for her future involvement in web-based projects.

Kyla recounts on having enhanced her communication and editing skills through her production work with the site. As an illustrator and an individual who is knowledgeable about appreciating the arts, she believes that this project has the potential to be a primary archive of artworks from the early nineties onwards and will continue to be a useful resource and inspiration for the next generations of aspiring young artists to come.

Her portfolio is located at: www.sfu.ca/~kylad

Written by Flory Huang

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