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Meet the Youth Visions' Team IT: Paulina Lam

Aug 16, 2011

Paulina Lam is a developing graphic designer and educator. Through her work Paulina strives to create projects that allow people to in turn create their own experiences and memories within the context of her different artworks, performances, and designs. Her personal projects intertwine her love of physical sports and the ability to inform people through cohesive designs interactive and graphical.

As an individual, Paulina is an active person and enjoys the challenges found in sports. Her competitive nature and drive to succeed are demonstrated from and in 14 years of training as an elite competitive figure skater in Canada. With her skating career, she has also been a coach of skaters of all ages and skill levels for over 10 years. In the same time, she has designed and developed figure skating costumes for provincial competitors and ice shows, demonstrating her passion for drawing and fashion design. Figure Skating is enjoyable for her for its combination of sport and art of design together. To create a personal connection with the audience through performance is always a positively overwhelming experience that keeps her wanting to continue choreographing and performing programs that push the boundaries of the sport. As an individual always warm with other people, she also adores making food and entertaining her friends by planning events. Food is something that she feels everyone can share and brings people together. Similarly, the common thread found in her interests all possess the ability to create and then provoke other human sensations that connect, interact and be enjoyed by humans.

Paulina's recognition for her knowledge and skill is present having been selected as Head Coach of the Lower Mainland, a Team Canada Coach with Special Olympics and as an active volunteer within the Simon Fraser University Community. She possesses over 10 years of experience with client interaction, volunteering and planning of multiple, successful events. She believes that her experience in working within these types of environments has given her a sense of fulfillment and joy on a personal level.

Throughout her years of personal endeavors and courses, she has been able to obtain strong working knowledge in the Adobe Creative Suite's Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

A poignant spark of interest about the Canada Youth Projects started at its promotion of the education of the arts and provision to students having the opportunity to be recognized for their works. She noted that in the current education system of BC, inert ideas and learning had been dominant over the arts and thus she hopes that the launch of this unique site will act as a great stepping-stone in providing students opportunities to excel in the arts and other less recognized programs. Within the team, her main focus is producing hi-quality photo documentation, image restoration from articles and art pieces from 1995 to the present. Color correction, light and contrast balance, and overall image quality are important considerations that are essential in the standards of presentation of the youth's works.

Written by Flory Huang

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