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Meet the Youth Visions' IT Team: Flory Huang

Aug 16, 2011

As an undergraduate, Flory Huang is also a young professional, allowing her to enjoy creating business opportunities and completing projects outside of her academia related to design and art. She is currently most passionate about graphic and web design as well as interaction and online social media. Proficient in visual, written and verbal skills, she is adept in communications over a variety of realms and diverse levels of industry environments. Visual art in traditional media (pencil, pen, paint, etc.) was one of the first outlets discovered in her early elementary school days as a method of communication, sharing, and expression. One of the types of projects she produces for clients is custom skateboard and longboard design on commission, and now starting tattoo designs for close friends. Her ability in visual art is complimented with her technical foundations, tailored by her undergraduate studies.

Flory has been recognized in her academia for scholarly and fine art accomplishments in secondary and post-secondary. For academic excellence in sciences, math, language and social studies she received BC Passports to Education and entrance scholarships to the University of Victoria for business. In the fine arts, she was one of the Dogwood Provincial Scholarship recipients as well as a submitter in the Advanced Placement program for visual arts in her grade 12 year. Top Artist awards at her secondary school were also well received in grade 11 and 12 for junior and senior departments. Her post-secondary academic achievements are recognized on the Dean's Honour Roll.

Flory's initial perception of the website was joy from discovering it was an archive and a pioneer website of its kind for youth visual artists. The ownership provided alongside exceptional conceptual and technical works was a relief for her as she clearly remembers the lack of academic and financial recognition that young art students received in comparison to that of the sciences, literary and even musical fields of education. Her personal investment in the site's quality and content stems from that relation and the nature being a community-specific project that allows her to utilize her skills while being involved in philanthropist endeavors. It is important that artists are individually being exposed to each other and their works; likewise, it's equally important for a resource website to focus on a specific scope of contributors (presently youth age 14-24 in Surrey and Langley, BC). Flory also immediately recognized the promotional and marketing opportunities within Canada Youth Visions online for the artists in future commission work experience, demonstration of skill for future employment, and contact information for contract periods. Subsequently, sponsors, endorsements, government and commercial companies benefit from showing youth support in positive political and public reputations. It has been a gratifying experience for Flory as a young person to have quite a direct hand at impacting the lives of other young people in a field of study that she is also passionate about.

Knowledge in Adobe Photoshop, interactive web design and visual art allowed Flory to be a co-operative team member and make informed decisions about quality standards and appropriate media use. On top of the editing of the site's content, Flory was responsible as the team's writer and editor for portions of the website's written descriptions and overviews.

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Written by Flory Huang

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