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Meet the Youth Visions' IT Team: Jonathan Morrissey

Aug 16, 2011

Originally from an arts background, Jonathan's field of study is located in the design stream. In his final year of secondary school he was awarded with two fine arts awards followed by an Award for Academic Achievement with the highest GPA within the Fine Arts Department, all during his first year at Kwantlen University College. SIAT provided an environment where Jonathan's enjoyment in visual arts was also supplemented with his fascination with technology. Attending SIAT at SFU, Jonathan volunteered as the Club Secretary for the Illustration and Modeling Club, which practices and teaches illustration.

Jonathan's talents and skills within the fine arts include excellent abilities in both traditional and digital media. More specifically, 2D works in ink, printmaking, pencil, paint and 3D in ceramics and sculpture. Personal interests include Japanese animation, 3D animation, manga and comics, tangible interaction with physical objects, computer hardware systems, visual aesthetics and running.

Graphic, interaction and information design are Jonathan's most passionate fields of study: they provide for him a constant source of inspiration for work and experimentation. His focus on these fields influence his academic pursuits as well work completed outside of academia on his own time. The future of innovations born of these fields, especially the introduction of holographic interface into everyday life, is an exciting prospect that Jonathan is looking forward to. An interactive design project of his is featured on the university's faculty site for SIAT viewable here. Jonathan strives to volunteer his expertise when available with non-profit organizations; most currently, he promoted the 2011 Vancouver Maker Faire through social media and poster distribution within the local communities. Graphic design work was also done for Simon Fraser's Hiaspire, a magazine distributing to local coffee shops, music stores, and university campuses this fall.

Jonathan's experience working with Canada Youth Visions has been positively reflected as being an amazing learning experience. As a former fine arts student, he is excited to support all the fine arts as the lead web programmer and database manager. Being detail-oriented, he successfully focused on troubleshooting code errors, crucial in the validation of the site's display and publishing. Jonathan was happy to quickly become familiar with the website's code due to previous experience and solid understanding of programming logic, being that others produced the original code structure before him. Under instruction, Jonathan's image editing skills have been improved through his time with content management of Canada Youth Visions; context specific techniques and problem-solving have become regularly utilized skills that he possesses. The motivation for this project stems from knowing that his work will allow access to the public to view high quality youth artwork, as well as inspire and educate future artists.

Jonathan's personal portfolio is available for view at: www.jonathink.com

Written by Flory Huang

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