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Summer Update

Aug 31, 2005

The YouthVisions website has received a major tune-up this summer. We started by updating and re-editing the Overview directory. The Collection was remastered for improved image quality by Nick Castoro and Jennifer Griffiths. The Collection and Exhibition directories were expanded to include data fields regarding artists' ages, artwork dimensions, schools and teachers. New artworks were also acquired and post-produced from 75% of schools across the Surrey School District, including 65 new works from the North Surrey Secondary Archives, provided by art teachers Don Kell and John Turnquist. The Exhibition galleries added six new galleries, bringing the total to 16. Great care was taken to ensure the accuracy of all data entered by Emily Sors and Sara Caissie. New introductions were prepared for each of the exhibition galleries by Sara Caissie, who was also a painted in this year's single Spirit of Youth Mural Project: Lest We Forget. The mural is a 3 x 9 metre artwork commissioned to commemorate the 60th anniversary of WWII. Designed by Carmen Bright, Nick Castoro, Taryn Sudul, and art director Marc Pelech, the mural features a larger-than-life image of war veteran and Cloverdale resident Bill Larson. Painters include Carmen Bright, Sara Caissie, Jennifer Griffiths, Rebecca Mumford, Emily Nguyen, Whitney Stevens and Taryn Sudul.

YouthVisions is at the forefront of educational youth art websites in North America. After a three-year development period, the YouthVisions website is ready to provide online opportunities for high schools and post-secondary institutions. As the trial version is now fully operational, we will be actively linking YouthVisions to websites within the greater art community across the country. The YouthVisions website sets a high standard in quality youth art, and provides teachers with superb examples that they can also use in the classroom. High school and post-secondary students can use the site for ideas, inspiration, and career development.

Written by Marc Pelech

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