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The Global Issues gallery exists to create a space for dialogue concerned with issues and concerns past communities to larger communities and nations worldwide. International perspectives inspect huge issues such as HIV/AIDS, disease, multiculturalism, poverty, prejudice, racism, 3rd world relations, sexism, socialism, war, and world hunger. Although some of these issues can be experienced within cities and towns, students realize the widespread commonalities they do share and identify them through a series of works in a variety of media. Most common media types include cut and paste, digital rendering, paints, and coloured crayons and pencils. The raw but honest subject matter are attention grabbing for their visual interest; the students certainly succeed in their respective statement artworks.

Featured in this gallery are works that have been included in competitions and art shows around the region. African Eve (1995) was a multicultural work by Stacey Barton was one work at the 1995 International Women's Conference Show: The Many Faces of Eve; A Clash of Ideologies (1996) was another one of Barton's work that was displayed for the 1996 Social Issues Art Show: Enigma that had to do with politics and the cold war. Powerful statements are made by Canada Youth Visions students as they explore dense topics: Hyeram Emily Jeon's The Happiest Children in the World (2010) illuminate a contrasting perspective regarding starving African citizens living in poverty; although there is a lack in biological nourishment and material access, their internal essences are colourfully vivid and they are capable of keeping their spirits high.

Written by Flory Huang

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